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Enrichment Products

Improve Well-Being

Not only do we provide consistency in diet and bedding material, we also offer environmental supplements to enhance the lives of each animal. Enrichment products add comfort and stimulation that mimic the natural habitats and tendencies.

From exceptional quality non-standard nesting material to individual shelters, we take extra steps to promote stress-free environments for your animals and encourage natural behaviors.

Gateway Lab Supply is committed to helping you develop and maintain your animal wellness program. With several decades of industry experience, we can recommend the the right products that align with your goals.

LabDiet® Certified Dealer Requirements

Specialties & Custom Orders

If your wellness program requires something special, we can custom order enrichment products, even in we don’t stock them. We tailor our offerings to the customers’ needs in every respect.

Tell Us About Your Enrichment Needs
Shepherd Shack Enrichment Structures

Individual Shelters

Shepherd® is the foremost paper products manufacturer for the care of specialty animals. Along with a compliment of bedding products, they also craft revolutionary rodent enrichment structures. The Shepherd® Shack and the Dome Shack® are two of the most widely used enrichment shelters in the industry.

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