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Feed Products

It Starts With Nutrition

Nutrition is the core of specialty animal wellness, and we help maintain that by supplying exceptional feed products. We are Certified LabDiet® Dealers and we offer the full spectrum of Purina LabDiet® and TestDiet® products.

Being Certified LabDiet® Dealers means that we uphold the standards of quality delineated by PMI® Nutrition International. There is never a concern about the quality of the product we supply.

Gateway Lab Supply is dedicated to creating individualized animal wellness programs based on each customers’ needs. We pride ourselves on close communication, timely personal delivery, high availability and anticipation of need.

LabDiet® Certified Dealer Requirements

Quality Tracking, Storage & Handling

All of our products are tracked from the date of manufacture until the date of delivery. We check each bag of feed upon arrival in our warehouse for damage, contamination or inconsistencies in packaging.

Product Handling and Storage Statement

Standard Diets

LabDiet® has been the world leader in research animal nutrition for over 70 years. Manufactured in the US at Purina’s ISO 9002 Certified facility, Standard feeds are crafted for consistency and protected by their Constant Nutrition® quality system. If you are looking for exceptional nutrition to support the wellness program for your animals and research regimen, LabDiet® has just the right product, technical data and support.

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LabDiet Certified Feed Variety

Certified Diets

Certified LabDiet® feeds are created to help research institutions meet the requirements of the FDA Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) program. They undergo a rigorous certification process prior to shipment, where each lot is analyzed for contaminants and verified for nutrient content. If your application requires strict accuracy in feed composition, LabDiet® Certified feeds are a perfect fit.

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Irradiated Diets

Developed expressly by Purina and introduced more than 40 years ago, PicoLab® and IsoPro® diets are the world’s first irritated lab feed products. They undergo careful treatment to eliminate microbial and bacterial content. Both products come in a two-part package that includes an interior plastic liner, ensuring the sanitization of each bag of feed. Virtually free of all contaminants, LabDiet® irradiated feeds offer a wide-range of offer a wide-range of animal support.

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LabDiet Verified Diet Bags

Verified Diets

LabDiet® Select Verified Rodent Diets are innovative formulas designed to meet unique research requirements. They feature managed formulation to minimize nutrient variability with strict ingredient specifications for all formulations. They contain no fish meal or alfalfa and contain either no soybean meal or less than 2% soybean meal to reach specific levels of dietary isoflavones between 50-75 ppm. An isoflavone analysis is provided for each batch of product manufactured.

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LabDiet Custom Feed Variety

Custom Diets

We offer TestDiet® custom grain-based and purified diets. TestDiet® is the leading provider of specialty feed products made from scratch and available in pellets, powder, tablets, liquid and concentrates. TestDiet® can also duplicate and modify purified diets from other manufacturers.

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